Create Your Perfect Home With a Professional Contractor

Create Your Perfect Home With a Professional Contractor

Our construction team builds custom homes in Boothbay Harbor, Boothbay & Wiscasset, ME

Home builders can help you create a space that reflects who you are and comes with everything you need. Custom homes made by J&A Construction and Property Maintenance are popular throughout Boothbay Harbor,  Boothbay & Wiscasset, ME. Building a custom home will give you the opportunity to sit down with a designer and design a space you'll be proud to live in.

Get started by calling J&A Construction and Property Maintenance today. We offer quick turnaround times for our work.

3 reasons to design your home

Are you searching for a new home and struggling to find the right one? You don't have to settle for an existing home. Custom homes are a great way to create the home you've always wanted. Here are a few benefits of purchasing a custom home in the Boothbay Peninsula:


  1. Creativity-if you want to incorporate a unique style or design a floor plan that will match your lifestyle, you can fulfill that vision by building a custom home.
  2. Efficiency-new home construction is far more efficient than older, worn-down homes. You'll save money on your monthly bill with a more efficient household.
  3. Location choice-you don't have to find the perfect house on the perfect lot. Simply find the best lot and work with our home builders to design your perfect home.




Ready to start designing your home? Get a free estimate from one of our home builders in Boothbay Harbor,  Boothbay & Wiscasset, ME by calling 207-633-3000 now.